Coming soon an interactive web cast with one of the most insightful Spiritual Leaders today.  

Spiritual Leader Mark Patterson

Mark Patterson is one of the most sought after sound healers and spiritual teachers on the planet today. Mark is a leading expert on Psychic Children. He is the founder of the Conscious Children's Network. Mark has empowered clients from all walks of life. He received his ability to heal others through sound in a Near Death Experience.  Mark has experienced the Angelic Realms since childhood. His intuitive abilities are very accurate. He is a profound spiritual teacher who has presented at numerous conferences and expo's all over the world.


Conscious Children

Children all over the world are being born with remarkable intuitive abilities.  Mark can help you understand your gifted child.  

Sound Healing

Pure Tones, Crystal Bowls, Tuning Forks

and Dolphin Theta Frequencies are combined for your sense of well being.  

Lusk, CBS Actor

Remembering God's Presence within, seeking empowerment, and allowing Divine Love to guide us, and living an Authentic Life.



Intuitive Counseling

Mark is your intuitive coach helping you find the right answers and guide you to your best path in life.  

Where We Celebrate

 God's Life As YOU

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